Welcome to GotPEBKAC, which regroups the best examples of computer errors and problems due to users, but when the machine is always blamed.
PEBKAC is an acronym that stands for 'Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair'. Have you ever been through a "computer problem" caused actually by a stubborn user, and not the computer itself ?
The problem exists between the keyboard and the chair : submit your PEBKAC stories and vote for the best !


I upgraded a lady's computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. She uses an old Kodak that had its own proprietary software installed on XP, but the software hasn't been available for years, so I set up Windows 7 to automatically import when the camera is plugged in.

She calls me frantic about some pictures she needs to get off of her camera. I tell her it should automatically import to her pictures folder when plugged in. I remote in and nothing happens when she plugs it in.

After going through several troubleshooting steps, she decides to turn the camera on. Surprise… Everything works perfectly ! PEBKAC.


When my parents first got their computer, in their 70's, my husband helped them set up everything. Shortly after the set-up, they went on vacation for four weeks, and my Dad unplugged the power to the PC while they were gone (not sure why).

Upon their return, he plugged in the power cord again, and booted up the PC. And he was shocked to find there were over 100 emails waiting to be opened. He and Mom couldn't understand how the emails got into their computer if the power was disconnected. PEBKAC.


My dad called me, saying he can't set up the Blu-ray player he just got. He had a stroke recently, and said he had trouble lifting the TV, etc. Like a good son, I went over to help him out.

I go and check everything is plugged in correctly. I turn it on, and it pops right on to the settings screen. I ask him : "What's the deal ? It's all set up". He then tells me my mom helped him plug it in, but he can't get it off that screen. I grab the remote and push "OK" for English, and no response.

He had put the remote batteries upside down. PEBKAC.


My mother wanted to check her e-mails, and asked me for help as she couldn't access her inbox. I asked her what was her address, and she told me it was "".

On the Hotmail homepage, I asked my mom about her password. She said : "I don't know". So I clicked "Forgot password", but Hotmail gave me an error message, saying it couldn't find that particular e-mail address.

Confused, I asked : "Did you even create that e-mail address ? It's odd Hotmail doesn't know about it".
Se replied : "Create ? No. I thought as everyone has got one, I had one too…". PEBKAC.


Do you know what the singular greatest annoyance with being a computer savvy geek is ?

Everytime we fix or update a piece of software or hardware, and a bug or problem arise within a few months, the only explanation most people can come up with, is that « we made the original problem worse » and « don't know what we're doing ».

Even if the new issue is unrelated to what was fixed. PEBKAC.


I work as a PC repair technician, so I have people with problems on a daily basis. I had an older woman come in, and tell me that the cup holder tray on her desktop had broken.

She then proceeded to ask if we could fix it. I asked her if she meant the CD tray, and responded with : "Yeah, I guess it could hold a CD, but you can't play music on a computer...". PEBKAC.


Every day at work, I can see Excel users typing a number into a cell, then another one into another cell, picking up a calculator to do the operation, and eventually typing the result in a third cell. PEBKAC.


At the university, I was telling a friend - as a joke - that in order to download Mozilla Firefox, we could still use Internet Explorer.
He answered : "Hum... I do not use Internet Explorer. I go directly on Google". PEBKAC.


I hate to say I work with computers. Afterwards, people palm their old crappy machines that don't work anymore off on you. But from time to time, we can still witness some fun stuff.

A friend of mine passed me her obsolete laptop, which - I quote - "struggled a lot". When I booted up, Windows XP litterally vomited hundreds of windows, for a good 10 minutes. And the computer was indeed struggling.
When I eventually could access the Start Menu, and as the usual "msconfig" wasn't helpful, I figured out that she had put ALL of her programs into the "Startup" folder.

"But... Why ?", I asked. She said : "Well, I wanted to be sure they would quickly start when I needed them...". PEBKAC.


I have a roommate who starts eMule on his PC, stuffs the download queue with a buttload of files, and eventually turns off his laptop. Thinking that as the router is still on, the downloads will proceed. True story. PEBKAC.